Loreto Bay Golf Course

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The Loreto Bay Golf Course Has Become a Member
The Southern California Golf Association

The Southern California Golf Association is one of the oldest and largest regional golf associations in the United States with more than 160,000 members throughout Southern California and beyond. As the principal ruling body for amateur golf in Southern California, the SCGA administers a handicapping system, measures and provides course and Slope ratings at more than 400 golf courses, conducts major amateur golf championships and qualifiers, and works to promote the game of golf throughout its region and the state.

We here at The Loreto Bay Golf Course have formed a local golf club called The Loreto Bay Golf Club, and we are currently accepting membership applications. As a member of the SCGA we are able to offer members of The Loreto Bay Golf Club all the advantages of an internationally recognized handicap and rating system through individual membership in the SCGA, which is included when joining The Loreto Bay Golf Club for an annual remittance of $36usd.

Read our constitution and bylaws by clicking: Bylaws Button

The SCGA provides each member with an SCGA/USGA Handicap Index. State and regional golf associations, such as the SCGA, are authorized by the USGA to issue a Handicap Index and monitor the USGA Handicap System.

As part of the GHIN handicap network, SCGA members can locally post scores at more than 10,000 courses and have the scores routed to their home club. In addition, if a club allows it, SCGA members can post their scores online through

SCGA members can verify their Handicap Index through Members see their revision file, the 20 most recent rounds posted, their current index for the past 14 revisions and can convert their current index to a Course Handicap with the push of a button. eRevision allows SCGA members to receive their Handicap Index via email on the 1st and the 15th revision dates.

For more on the many great advantages of an individual SCGA membership put this into your Web Browser:

If you are interested in joining The Loreto Bay Golf Club, pick up an application at the course or eMail us at:


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